• Get Shredded
    Develop the ultimate physique by embracing ring training.
    Target your upper body in unparalleled ways.
    The rings are known for their exceptional
    development in strength.
  • Simple yet Incredible
    Even the simplest movements result in intense hypertrophy.
    Versatile and portable, the only training equipment
    you need.
  • Continual Development
    Push yourself.
    Achieve skills you never dreamed of.
    Develop striations you didn't know you had.
    Attain effortless symmetry.

Welcome to The Ring Fraternity

Bodyweight training is fast becoming recognized as one of the most efficient and simple methods to make rapid strength gains and build an amazing physique. To learn more, browse the website and our social media or hit us up for a FREE beginners basic ring strength workout program!

It is our ambition to make rings more accessible and a more understood way of training, whether it be for a fitness newcomer, an advanced weightlifter or an elite athlete.

We encourage all to get involved, no matter what your current level or ability.

Latest News

March 1, 2013

Forward Roll Tutorial Goes Live

The forward roll tutorial goes live on the Ring Frat YouTube channel HERE

January 29, 2013

Written Handstand Tutorial Published

The written handstand tutorial is published HERE.

December 31, 2012

Handstand Tutorial Goes Live

The handstand tutorial goes live on the Ring Frat YouTube channel HERE.